"Lenaghan is comfortable and successful among multicultural, multi-ethnic & multi-religious clients. She is a bridge builder not a barrier maker."  College Dean

"You are the architect.  We know the boxes and circuits.  Teachers know the lessons. But, you know how to put it all together.  We couldn't do it without you." President IT Company

“We came together and bonded closer, because we were all working to achieve the same goal." 
Participant in Team Building

"I wasn't surprised that she could do the job. But, how she did it was truly remarkable"
NGO Board Chair

"She consistently demonstrated the highest order of technical expertise and an impressive understanding of the complexities involved in her chosen field. She has proven to be a sophisticated negotiator and planner, with an excellent grasp of budgetary, financial, operational & pedagogical issues. She is a creative problem-solver, an excellent communicator & a skilled manager of employees. She interacts well with coworkers at all levels & presents herself professionally in committee and board settings." School CFO
"I was amazed at how much we learned in such a short time."
Univeristy Chair

" Who says learning has to be boring? We are smart and fun!”  Workshop Participant

"Donna had the daunting task of bringing us into the 21st Century. Her responsibilities included planning, training to both novice and advanced technology users. Not a dollar was waster and there is a new level of enthusiasm that fills classrooms. She is warm, friendly & encouraging to everyone around her." Department Chair
"Bright, dependable, and encouraging are the first three descriptive adjectives that come to mind when I think of Donna.  Many possess those skills but few combine these with Donna’s leadership style, her even temperament and sensitivity." Board Member