Our Services

Besides workshops, we offer consulting services  in educational technology & planning; curricula & learning design; needs assessments & evaluation; community development; international development & civic engagement.
  1. Description Title
    Educational Technology (ET)
    Help others integrate new hardware and software; select on-line resources; plan & evaluate learning activities; integrate technology standards; train the trainer & face to face, online and/or hybrid instruction.
  2. Design Learning Materials
    Design Learning Materials
    Design & evaluate courses and workshops with a variety of content & context including collaboration with content matter experts. Design "take-away" print & electronic materials to reinforce learning. Lead curricula mapping processes to meet requirements, develop or realign courses & staff to meet current and emerging needs.
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    Technology Planning (IT)
    Design, lead, evaluate projects; strategic & systems planning; re-engineering; policies, performance & practices; change management; financial management; help desk personnel and processes; security standards & legal concerns.
  4. Description Title
    Evaluation & Needs Assessment
    Design & implement a variety of research methods (qualitative & quantitative) & techniques. Characteristics depend on organizational needs & goals. All guided by highest ethical standards. Techniques include needs assessments, focus groups, surveys, pre & post learning assessments & outcome/impact studies.
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    Community & International Development
    An innovative approach to tap to energize curiosity, values, imagination and constructive ingenuity to enable, ennoble, equip& evolve communities of peace by focusing on stepping stones that articulate justice, equity, inclusiveness & shared measureable outcomes in the cultivation of social & economic entrepreneurship from grass roots to roof tops.
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    Civic Engagement
    Infuses and integrates concepts, strategies & best practices of citizen diplomacy, community engagement and civic sustenance in his approach to neighborhood, municipal & national development through grassroots, “bubble up” conscientization, shared decision-making & organic evolving competence & confidence building education.