Multigogy was founded in 1994 when both Lenaghans were teaching and consulting with universities, profit and non-profit corporations and governments.

     Orginally, it was founded as an educational philosophy based on Brain Based Learning, Multiple Intelligences and Andragogy. Research foundations for Multigogy, the theory into practice, are explained in
Multigogy Foundations and  it's applied practice for learning design in Multigogy Design .

     Soon, like most philosophies, we realized that it guided all
our interactions--"as people think they do"! 

Dr. Michael Lenaghan

Is a prince of knowlege in international communications & understanidng, human relations, conflict resolution, peace education and setting up scholars (of all ages) for success.

Dr. Lenaghan is a distinguished international speaker and visionary leader who is committed to making the world a better place. He leads Multigogy's international division.

He is bilingual in Spanish and English. His international network and coaching of professionals and scholars is legnedary.

His services for clients include
university teaching, leadership development, organizational development, keynote speeches, conflict management and international and inter-instutional projects.

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Dr. Donna Lenaghan

Is a creator of learning environments.

Donna is the leader of PdGoTo, Multigogy's  professional development (workshops, seminars, instrutional design) and technology learning division.

Dr. Lenaghan is a mission driven learning specialist. All technology innovations and/or corporate strategies are viewed through the len of: "What is our mission and how can learning and/or technology help us achieve it". She believes and leads: "Vision Vitalized and Mission Achieved with People and Technology".

Private, public and non-profit organizations, K-12 and college and universities engage her for "taking them to the next level"; championing corporate culture, team building and putting diverse people and piece together.

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